Spring has Sprung

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the big list of spring cleaning you wish to get done? I know I am in that boat. Its hard to juggle keeping up on the normal daily household cleaning duties let alone think of doing more of the deep cleaning duties to welcome spring and get rid of all those gross winter germs. Ive got a daughter who seems to make this task extra difficult, making everything I clean dirty quicker than I can say, "No don't touch that".

Ive found that Instead of putting a lot of pressure on myself to clean everything in one day, I make a list of about thirty things to clean. I make sure to at least get one checked off a day. My load isn't as overwhelming and actually do-able. As much as this makes things less overwhelming I still have a lot to be done! I've found that instead of me stressing about getting everything in an orderly fashion, I hire out help to get a lot the extra cleaning done!

HBS now has a house cleaning division that I have used myself and I cannot say enough good things about. They come whenever I see most fit! They clean about anything i need done, and clean it better than I could do myself! Takes a lot of stress off of me for a very reasonable price!

At the end of the day i have a lot more time to spend with my daughter which is more important. She won't remember mom only cleaning, she will remember me playing and being with her, but also a clean house! Get ahold of HBS janitorial, and ask about the house cleaning division!


888-424-6598 ext. 1


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