Clean Your Toilet with Ease

Why does cleaning the toilet sometimes feel like climbing a mountain? Well, truth be told, I'd sometimes rather climb that mountain than take the time to clean the potty but alas, as soon as I'm finished climbing, my toilet bowl is still not shining. After working as a house cleaner a few years back, I was trained in the art of toilet cleaning, so I thought I'd share with you a few tips & tricks I learned that made toilet cleaning experience effective ,simple and quick.

Tip #1: Use a homemade all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces on the toilet. Find an easy DIY recipe here. Using a homemade recipe ensures that your not using any harmful or hidden chemicals AND it saves time & money, a definite win-win.

Tip#2: Wipe down the toilet with toilet paper and flush! I have always used paper towels or a cloth but using toilet paper makes wiping down the toilet really easy and flushing the evidence away is really quite satisfying.

Tip#3: Do you have a nasty hard water or rust ring in your toilet bowl that regular maintenance and scrubbing won't remove? With a pumice stone and a little bit of elbow grease, it will magically disappear. I bought this product: Pumie Scouring Stick from Walmart for $2.00 but any pumice stone will work. Watch the video for a quick demo.

Tip#4: Be sure to use a disinfectant on the toilet seat & toilet handle. I like to take a Norwex rag and wipe both of these surfaces after I've wiped them down with the all-purpose cleaner but a disinfectant wipe will also do the trick.

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