Hard to maintain hardwood floors?

Do you have hardwood floors? Do you love the look of them but hate how difficult it can be to maintain them? Me too! Here are some hacks to keep those hardwood floors in perfect shape!

- At some point, we all have to move around our furniture. Whether it's to redecorate or to clean, not all of us are strong and can pickup furniture. Instead, we drag it across the floor. Unfortunately, that's an easy way to scratch up your floors. BUT DON'T FRET! To prevent scratches on your flow, put socks on your chair legs and table legs to prevent floor scratching. And with winter right around the corner, I'm sure your furniture will enjoy the warmth; even if it's for a short time.

- Have your wooden floors lost their shine? Say no more! Rub Old English Lemon Oil into them after your weekly/biweekly/monthly floor clean. It makes all of the difference and will have your floors looking new!

Hopefully these two hacks make a difference in the life of your wood floors.

Tune in next week for more household hacks!

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