How Often Should You Clean Everything?

We all hate cleaning. But fortunately, we don't always have to do it. Here's a very helpful guide that will make cleaning easier with a straightforward schedule.

Every Day:

- Make your bed. Yes, I know. No one wants to make their bed. But it's quick, easy, and there's no better feeling than pulling the covers off of a made bed after a long day.

- Sweep kitchen floors. This is a quick thing as well. Crumbs and little things always tend to fall on the floor all the time. As long as you sweep them up, you won't have to worry about unwanted visitors (bugs.)

- Clean dirty dishes. I live alone and struggle with this one. But leaving dirty dishes in the sink for over 24 hours is awful. Take a few minutes to wash them or rinse them and run the dishwasher. It'll keep the place looking less cluttered.

Every Week:

- Dust furniture. It doesn't take much for dust to settle. So make sure you set aside a few extra minutes on a Sunday to quickly take care of that dust.

- Toss expired food and leftovers that will not be uneaten. Even if they're in the refrigerator, they can still expel a horrid scent.

- Clean inside of the microwave. The microwave isn't something we always think about cleaning. But it is quite quick and easy. Keep it clean with a quick wipe down with a warm cloth.

- Wipe down kitchen appliances. I have to deal with stainless steel and there's nothing worse than seeing fingerprints on it. Take a quick 5 minutes to wipe down your kitchen appliances. I mix 1 cup of vinegar and half a cup of water in a spray bottle. It keeps your appliances shining.

Every Month:

- Dust your blinds. No one likes doing it, yes. But by keeping that dust under control, you won't have to worry about a buildup.

- Dust and clean light fixtures. Dust easily accumulates in those places.

Every 3-6 Months:

- Wipe down the inside of your fridge. The fridge needs to be clean too regardless of whether or not the food in their is fresh. Bacteria is always hiding somewhere.

- Clean the inside of your oven. Use the self-cleaning options (if you have one) then wipe it down with that water and vinegar mixture I mentioned above.

- Clean under and behind furniture. I usually try to get this done when I sweep and mop my floors weekly. If you do have wood floors. be sure to protect the with socks when moving bigger furniture.

Every Year:

- Deep clean your carpet and upholstery. with kids or pets, carpet usually has all of that dirt and bacteria that we can't always see.

- Deep clean your windows. I'm not a fan, that's why I'm happy I only need to do it once a year.

- Clean out your gutters. Do I have to go into detail on this one?

- Clean your fireplace and chimneys! So much can build up in those areas.

Hopefully this guide has helped your cleaning life. :)

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