Outdoor Fall Cleaning/Winter Prep

Yes, it is fall and winter is right around the corner. So why not get your outdoor fall cleaning done before it's covered in snow? Below you'll find a list to help speed up your fall cleaning!

- It's time to clean and put away that patio furniture! I tend to just leave it where it is all year long and clean as needed. But harsh weather can destroy your stuff!

- Touch up the paint on your trim, railings, and decks.

- Check the caulk around your windows and doors. Re-caulk If needed.

- Wash your exterior windows. It can be awful having to deal with that in the middle of winter.

- Check your gutters and downspouts. Get rid of debris is needed.

- Drain and store your garden hoses! I cannot put enough emphasis on that alone. Hoses can be easily damaged by ice. Protect your purchase by draining and storing it before it freezes.

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