How To: Hardwood Floors

Now let's talk hardwood floors! They can be a NIGHTMARE. But follow my quick and easy steps below and you'll find yourself with fantastic-looking, clean floors!

What You'll Need:

- Hardwood Floor Cleaner (I recommend Bona)

- Microfiber Mop

- Baking Soda

What To Do:

- Spray a 3x3 foot area with the cleaner and go over it with the microfiber mop to pickup dissolved dirt. Clean one are at a time.

- Light scuff? Buff it out with a clean sock or a clean tennis ball.

- Heavier scuff? Apply a little baking soda to a damp cloth and gently tub the mark until it disappears.


1. Wearing your shoes at home.

- Dirt and grit are abrasive and over time, these particles leave behind fine scratches that make your floors look dull.

2. Not vacuuming enough.

- Nothing removes dirt and fine debris from the cracks and crevices of a wood floor like a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to turn off the rotating brush to keep the bristles from scratching your floors.

3. Waiting too long to clean up spills.

- If you let spills dry on your floors, they'll dull the finish and attract additional dirt. Blot spills immediately with an absorbent cloth. Follow-up with a damp paper towel to remove residue and buff dry.

I wish you all luck with your floors! :)

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