Pre-Summer Cleaning!

Summer is right around the corner... Is your home ready? With the temperature change, it's important that your home is ready! Below, I will give you ideas for a quick clean and to prevent smells this summer season!


1. Always keep a window open or a fan on at all times to present humidity! Humid areas like the bathroom can get moldy.

2. Clean our your cabinets/shower racks! All of those empty bottles tend to pile up.

3. Wipe down any and all surfaces that accumulate moisture right after you use them in order to prevent hard-water stains and mildew.

Laundry Room:

1. Clear the laundry room of empty bottles and boxes that may have accumulated over the winter. Be sure to pack away your cold-weather clothing!


1. Give your garbage can a good scrubbing. This will help prevent smells when the heat comes!

2. Clean the inside and outside of all of your kitchen appliances. Don't forget your toaster!


1. Clean your cabinets and get rid of all of the old food and cans of food you will never eat. Take those (if they aren't expired) to your local food shelf!

Summer is just getting started! Stay tuned weekly to enjoy some summer cleaning tips!


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